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Health Startup Digest - 6/3/16

Startup Highlight: RaPID Medical Technologies Retained foreign objects occur when a surgeon sows you
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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare.
Startup Highlight: RaPID Medical Technologies
Retained foreign objects occur when a surgeon sows you back up, but leaves behind a little present. This can be a watch, some surgical gauze, an instrument, the list goes on… RaPID Medical has created a “computer assisted” image reading system that can scan images automatically for retained surgical items (RSIs). This may seem insignificant, but hospitals (rightly so) deem RSIs as so-called “never events” and build extensive processes to ensure surgeons never leave anything behind. So if RaPID can give hospitals another way to lower the number of possible RSIs, they’ll be excited. The company is also working on ways to identify patient implants using the same technology.
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Quote(s) of the Week:
“ But with nearly [every hospital] getting a passing grade on website that is difficult to navigate and doesn’t differentiate between measures that matter and those that don’t, improvement just isn’t happening. We are being transparent so we can say we are being transparent. So, the bottom line is this – if transparency is worth doing, why not do it right? Who knows, it might even make care better and create greater trust in the healthcare system. And wouldn’t that be worth the extra effort?”
- Ashish Jha, MD
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