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Health Startup Digest - 6/17/16

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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare.

Startup Highlight: ETect
ETect is looking to tackle medication adherence by creating a pill capsule with an embedded wireless sensor that can track whether or not a patient has taken a pill. Many companies are trying to solve the issue of medication adherence from pill boxes to AI-video recognition to patches. I’m not sure ETect is the perfect solution, but if it integrates into the supply chain of drug manufacturers as easily as they make it seem like it will, it could be quite useful for just about every stakeholder in the health care ecosystem.
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Quote(s) of the Week:
“Health care probably stands out as one of the great issues in our society from an access point of view, from a cost point of view, from an efficiency point of view, from a waste point of view. And if you think about technology as simply being able to do more with less, health care is a great place to apply those skills.”
- Steve Krupa, CEO, Psilos Group
“The future is not about eliminating physicians, it’s about leveraging physicians.
Leveraging [physicians] by providing digital and other tools that work like they do in virtually all other industries—making our environments more supportive, providing the data we actually need in an organized, efficient way, and saving time so we can spend more of it with our patients.”
- James Madara, MD, Executive Vice President & CEO, AMA
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