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Health - Science & Fundraising must go on!

Hi there ! 😁 Alaedine's here. I hope that you and your family are safe 💪 ➡️ This week has been mainly
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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare.
Hi there ! 😁
Alaedine’s here. I hope that you and your family are safe 💪
➡️ This week has been mainly covid-focused regarding the news. It happens that the coronavirus rases four types of concerns/thoughts :
  1. Detection: it’s all the discussions around testing and tracing.
  2. Treatments: all the scientific papers around drugs like Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, etc.
  3. Vaccine: when and how.
  4. The after: will we come back to a similar before-covid state? Or can we change for the best?
▶️ We triied here to summarize some of the main news. Google just released a publication about the use of a Deep Learning system deployment. Another publication, in Heart Rythm, underlines the importance of wearables in cardiology. The last article shows an algorithm that can (more or less) predict the next disease of a patient based on its EHR.
Wish you great week 🎊,

What about science?
Each week, we curate some scientific articles that introduce a disrupting innovation or a worth-reading opinion.
Wearables in cardiology: Here to stay - Heart Rhythm
BEHRT: Transformer for Electronic Health Records | Scientific Reports
Week's hot trends and impacts (aka Covid)
Thoughts on testing and treating + the after-crisis. Bonus: a really good fiction novel.
Johns Hopkins launches COVID-19 testing hub to provide public access to testing data – TechCrunch
Hopes rise for coronavirus drug remdesivir
Will the Coronavirus Create a More Progressive Society or a More Dystopian One? | The New Yorker
“The Wish for a Good Young Country Doctor,” by Allan Gurganus | The New Yorker
For VCs
Some of the biggest fundraising/acquisition of the week.
Compass raises $80M to take magic mushroom drug toward phase 3 | FierceBiotech
Medical robotics has an incredible future: French startup Robocath secures €40M funding to deploy operations | Silicon Canals
Dascena Secures $50M Series B To Improve Patient Outcomes – Crunchbase News
Book of the week
The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
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Alaedine Benani Alaedine Benani - MD PhD Trainee - MSc in Data Science & Entrepreneurship
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