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Health Digest - Covid vs Everyone!

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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare.
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➡️ This week has been tremendously disrupting regarding healthcare, worldwide. While the Covid crisis still goes on, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and healthcare professionals are pivoting their focus to commit to the fight against the virus.
▶️ We triied here to summarize some of the main news. Two very recent publications show the advancement of AI, both in radiotherapy and cardiology. The rest of the news are covid-focused. As you may know, Google and Apple are teaming up to create a contact tracing app. Amazon also commit to the fight, in partnership with Fred Hutch. You’ll also find at the end some of the main fundraising news, and a (very classic but important) book recommandation.
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What about science?
Each week, we curate some scientific articles that introduce a disrupting innovation or a worth-reading opinion.
Machine Learning to Predict Stent Restenosis | Canadian Journal of Cardiology
AI in radiotherapy: state of the art and future directions | Medical Oncology
Week's hot trends and impacts
Thoughts on GAFA moves and the after-crisis.
Apple and Google update joint coronavirus tracing tech to improve user privacy and developer flexibility | TechCrunch
Fred Hutch launches new COVID-19 volunteer study | Fredhutch
AI is helping triage coronavirus patients. The tools may be here to stay. | MIT Technology Review
Life after COVID-19: What Will Change? | The Medical Futurist
For VCs
Some of the biggest fundraising/acquisition of the week.
Novartis acquires Amblyotech, pursuing novel digital therapy for children and adult patients with “lazy eye”
Clever Care Receives $20M Series A Round To Launch New California Medicare Advantage Program
Book of the Week
Deep Medicine by Eric Topol
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