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Guess who's back ;)

Hi there ! I'm Alaedine - an MD PhD Trainee based in France. I just became the new health curator of
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The latest news and information about innovations in healthcare.
Hi there !
I’m Alaedine - an MD PhD Trainee based in France. I just became the new health curator of the Health Startup Digest. This newsletter has been out for more than two years now, so let’s go back to some basics to be sure you agree to be part of the adventure ! ↙️
🎯 Our aim here is to provide some global insights about startups and innovations in healthcare, week by week.
💡 We think this digest is important and relevant regarding the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem. Being informed of the last trends and keeping an eye on the big news (e.g. fundraising or new breaking/disrupting products) is valuable.
🐦 If you do not longer want to be part of this list, do not hesitate to unsubscribe (link at the bottom). Our objective is to inform and share, not to bother you with more unread emails :)
🎉 Otherwise, let’s go !
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Some non-covid19 news
Cause yes, the show must go on!
The Future of Medical Specialties - The Medical Futurist
Powering Precision Medicine with Artificial Intelligence - 7wData
Where The World's Largest Medical Device Companies Are Investing In Healthcare? - CB
Tech VS covid19
Covid19 attacked at a time when technology to face it exists but is not ready yet.
UN Warns Most A.I. Isn’t Ready to Fight the Coronavirus - OneZero
Instagram Marketing in the Time of the Coronavirus - Gartner
US government officials using mobile ad location data to study coronavirus spread - The Verge
The pandemic is already reshaping tech’s misinformation crisis – TechCrunch
Some philosophy and ethics
Let’s think about tommorow.
Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus - Financial Times
How the Black Death Radically Changed the Course of History - GEN
Thanks for your time. We wish you a nice week 🎊 (#StayHome)!
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Alaedine Benani Alaedine Benani - MD PhD Trainee - MSc in Data Science & Entrepreneurship
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